Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is It Time For a New Look?

I love beautiful shop banners and graphics - and though I'm no graphic designer, I have fun trying out new designs. Yet, when it comes to making a decision on which one I should use, it's usually best for me to leave that up to someone else! I need to borrow your good taste : which of these is most fitting?

Choice #1:

Choice # 2

Or Choice #3

Please share your opinion here!


  1. makeyourpresentsfelt said...
    I love #3!
    Katrin said...
    I also love #3. Just looks so elegant!
    Reenie Beanie said...
    Definitely #3!
    Lia @ Bullfinch and Barbury said...
    Wow! Really? #3 is the old banner from my shop. I've been trying out #2 banner just to see how it looks. But the tasteful public has spoken! :)

    I'll have to put the 3rd one back up. It's good to know these things - thanks for your votes!!!
    Kristen said...
    I love #2 :)

    crisp, clean, great shots of your pieces
    R. Leah said...
    I like a combination of #3 and #1...#3 with a picture of your bangles on the side.

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