Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Custom Jewelry Gallery

Hurrah for custom orders! Here are a few of my favorite commissioned pieces.

P.S.: if you recognize one of these as your's, please feel free to send a photo of you wearing it so that I can include it with these! My e-mail:

Emperor Dragonfly Pendant / Pin

Luna Moth Inspired Bracelet Set

Rainbow Bracelet Set

Labradorite Inspired Bracelet Set
(oh . . . bad camera phone! The auto-focus can't be turned off!)

Woodland Bracelet Set

"Spot On" Bracelet Set


  1. Mellisa - Chinook Jewelry said...
    Your luna moth inspired bracelet set is lovely! Good luck on 1000 Markets, I think it's a beautiful venue :)
    Doreen said...
    Lia: I love your jewelry so much! I posted about you on my blog.
    hint said...
    I've been drinking up your color at Etsy! Love your lively and spirited work :)
    Blogger said...
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