Friday, July 30, 2010

Looking Ahead to Autumn

It's still balmy . . . especially when I fire up the kiln on these 90 degree July days . . . but let's talk Autumn anyway.

I have been plotting out some new enameled treats, and ordered some new and unexpected color combinations for Fall for a spin on the classic yellow, orange, red and brown. Here are some of the early ruminations for what's in store for Fall.


  1. Anna-Karin Hallström said...
    Oh wow... that looks gorgeous!!!
    Cara Scarlett said...
    That wrap bracelet is GORGEOUS!!!
    Anonymous said...
    When I have money, Lia, I'm buying something of yours. Cause it's ridiculous that I don't have something of yours yet! Your work is beautiful and totally my aesthetic. What am I waiting for? Oh right. Money.

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